13 Very Important Things You Need To Know About Gal Gadot

There’s something about Gal Gadot that draws you in. Is it her beautiful brown eyes that squints gleefully every time something funny comes up? Or her charming Israeli lilt that identifies her nationality every time she speaks at interviews? Or maybe it’s her charismatic screen presence that lights up the camera everywhere she goes?

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We can’t be sure, but we can tell you that we are obsessed with the lead actress of Wonder Woman — the highly raved box office hit of 2017 that has raked approximately $240 million dollars to date since its release. And more than just good looks and a mighty stance, it definitely takes a certain allure and personality to fill in Wonder Woman’s big, big shoes (a pair of armoured knee boots, in this case), what with the character being the Princess of the Amazons, skillful fighter, wielder of Greek deity-forged weapons, upholder of justice, and possibly one of the most powerful super heroines of all time. Gadot clearly has got it, which is why she nailed the iconic feminist role perfectly…  and also probably why we love her.

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If you’re curious to find out more about  the stunning Gadot, scroll through the gallery above to find out more about the actress. Who knows, maybe you might get on board with BAZAAR too.

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By Syed Zulfadhli

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