Get Ready To See A Lot More Ads On Snapchat
Photo: Getty

If you’re a Snapchat addict, you’re probably used to seeing the app change every so often. Recently, the app got a total redesign, especially on the Discover page, where you now see bigger photos and headlines. And starting soon, you’re also going to see way more advertising, too.

According to AdWeek, Snapchat will start showing you video ads between your friends’ stories. They’ve teamed up with movie studios, product manufacturers, and clothing brands for the big launch. The Verge notes you can skip the ads like you can elsewhere in the app, and they won’t actually go between snaps in an individual story. Instead, they’ll pop up once you’re finished with someone’s story and start to move on to the next one on your list.

The ads will also look a little different than ads on Discover or on local stories, and that’s because they’ll be produced by outside ad agencies, not by Snapchat’s team. On these ads, you can swipe up to see longer videos, visit the company’s site, or download their app. And just like most other Snapchat ads, they’ll have audio and take up your full screen.

You can expect the ads to start popping up in a few weeks. And since Snapchat users who open the app every day reportedly spend 25 to 30 minutes posting and viewing snaps, that will ad up to a lot of ads—and a big payday for the company.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US