Get Your Hands On A Jeff Koons For Forty Bucks
Photo: Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is best known for his balloon dog and more risqué Woman in Tub artworks, and now the fine artist is getting into both the tech and ballet games, all at once. Koons has collaborated with the New York City Ballet’s Troy Schumacher and Ashley Laracey to choreograph 33 scenes from Swan Lake with his iconic Gazing Ball —a project commissioned by Google. It’s a perfect pairing, as Koons explains,  “The Gazing Ball evokes ideas of time and space. Its glass surface reflects the viewer and the sculpture that it rests on, creating an affirmation of the self.” The dancers act as an extension of the statues in the Gazing Ball series, which pairs classical sculptures with blue gazing balls (globe ornaments that originated in 13th century Venice). The work has also been adapted for Google’s Live Case on Nexus phones, going on sale today—just in case Balloon Dog is too large for your living room.

The limited edition Jeff Koons Live Case is available exclusively at the Google Store for Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US