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Taylor Swift knows how to treat her #Squad to a proper girls’ outing (did you see the pictures from her Fourth of July bash?) and Halloween is no exception. Though the singer threw a more low-key celebration at her house on Monday, it still looked like a fun night, if the Instagram photos taught us anything. This morning, Swift’s bestie Gigi Hadid spilled the details on their laid-back costume party. (In fact, the vibes were so laid-back that the model nonchalantly passed Swift off as “my friend” rather than mention her name.)

“It was really cool, we were all working so my friend had a little, like, girls’ night at her house,” she told Matt Lauer on the Today Show. “We had chips and guacamole and pizza.” What a fine cuisine.

While Swift dressed up as Deadpool (in Ryan Reynolds’ actual superhero suit from the movie), Gigi opted for a Cub Scout look. She originally had a grander costume planned, but she scrapped the outfit and went for something more low-key based off a vintage find.

“I had a really, really intense costume planned and then I said, maybe I’ll save it,” she said. “So then I found a cub scout shirt in Japan at a vintage store, and I made a costume out of it.”

Watch Gigi’s full Today interview here:

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