Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

Let’s just acknowledge this upfront: complaining about “snubs” during awards season is only a couple of degrees less futile than complaining about the tide coming in. Nominations will be announced, things you love will be missing, other things you love will be nominated, and the whole process will leave you wondering why you care so much about awards season anyway.

The Golden Globe nominations tend to leave a little more room for wackiness than either the Emmys or the Oscars—thanks largely to the somewhat mysterious Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and their reputation for mostly nominating people they want to hang out with. (There’s really no other explanation for that whole incident with The Tourist.)

This wasn’t a particularly insane year by Globes standards, but there’s still plenty to get angry about and/or be pleasantly surprised by. Here are 10 of the biggest snubs and surprises from the 2017 Golden Globe nominations.

1) Martin Scorsese shut out of the Director field.

Nobody puts Scorsese in the corner… except for HFPA. The veteran director is a four-time Globe winner, and was honored with their special Cecile B. DeMille Award in 2010, but failed to break into the race for his passion project, Silence. The film itself was also shut out, as were lead actors Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson.

2) No love for Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks, aka America’s favorite actor and widely-renowned Nicest Guy In Show Business, played Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the heroic pilot who pulled off 2009’s miraculous emergency landing on the Hudson River. Even without an awards favorite like Clint Eastwood in the directors’ chair, that sounds like a surefire recipe for nominations. But Hanks, and Sully overall, were shut out here. The Globes recognized Hanks forCaptain Phillips in 2014 where the Academy shut him out—could the reverse happen this year?

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3) Orange Is The New Black

This is maybe the most insane of all the snubs. OITNB has been nominated for the past three years running, even for its less-than-well-received third season. Season 4 was arguably the show’s most critically acclaimed yet, using the privatization of Litchfield to propel surprising, heartbreaking and ultimately brutal drama for just about every major character. And yet the show seems to have dropped off the Globes’s radar entirely this year, with voters strongly favoring new blood over prior nominees. Speaking of which…

4) High turnover in the TV Drama category.

It wasn’t just Orange that fell prey to voters’ novelty bias. Its fellow four-year-old Netflix drama House of Cards has also been a Globes mainstay, but failed to break in this year. Even more surprising is Mr. Robot, which took home the Best TV Drama award last year but failed to score even a nomination for its more divisive second season.

Meanwhile, four out of the five Drama nominees this year were brand new shows: HBO’sWestworld, NBC’s This Is Us, and Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Crown. The Globes always tend to favor shiny and new, but not usually to this degree.

5) Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Supporting Actor nomination.

Nothing against Taylor-Johnson, who gives possibly the best performance of his career as a psychopathic redneck in Nocturnal Animals, but if there’s a standout in that supporting cast, it’s surely Michael Shannon’s dirty-yet-principled sheriff. He was widely considered to be the favorite, having been nominated for 99 Homes last year.

6) Lauren Graham snubbed for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

Critical reaction to Netflix’s 2016-set return to Stars Hollow was mixed, but Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop’s performances are pretty unimpeachable, tapping into more raw emotional territory than the original series often permitted. There’s still some ambiguity over whether A Year In The Life was eligible for consideration given that it debuted after October 31, supposedly the Globes’s cutoff. The consensus, though, seems to be that it was eligible, asThe Crown also debuted after that date and made it into several categories.

7) Black Mirror

How do you not nominate Black Mirror?!?! The Netflix-produced third season of Charlie Brooker’s razor-sharp, terrifying tech satire was comprised of six near-flawless, wholly unique episodes. Given the format of the series, with each episode featuring a different cast, a different premise and often a wildly different tone, it’s not clear whether Netflix would have submitted them as individual movies or as one cohesive series, but either way the snub is inexplicable.

8) NBC’s Best Drama comeback.

This Is Us wasn’t exactly a shock nomination, given its status as both a critical favorite and a ratings hit. But network dramas have famously had an increasingly tough time competing with cable and streaming fare for awards recognition of late, and This Is Usmarked NBC’s first nomination for the Globes’s Drama Series category in a decade.

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Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

9) Finding Dory

Pixar movies tend to be a lock for recognition—in fact, they won the Best Animation category for five years running between 2007 and 2011—but this year they were shut out in favor of other Disney titles Moana and Zootopia. Finding Dory was the biggest film of the year at the domestic box office, but it’s also a sequel, and there’s some evidence to suggest HFPA isn’t that into sequels as a rule; Monsters University was also snubbed in 2013.

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