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Finally! Gwen Stefani drops her third studio album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like” after facing a long bout of writer’s block. Here, she croons about love that’s been lost and found through tracks like “Used To Love You“, “Make Me Like You” and “Misery“. The lyrics are relatable and judging from how hard we’re bobbing our heads to the tunes, this album sure seems promising.

Stefani debuted with her band No Doubt, making ska/punk/rock music AND  Bindis a thing back in the 90’s. More than two decades have passed since the days of “Don’t Speak” and “Just A Girl“, and she made herself a style icon along the way with her unapologetic flamboyance on red carpet appearances and of course, her music videos. She’s dropped the Bindi since then, but her iconic scarlet lips and platinum blonde locks, along with catchy tunes and incredibly chic MVs (featuring everything from couture to high-street fashion) are here to stay. In no particular order, let’s have a look at how Gwen has coloured the music scene over the years with her mouth-watering wardrobe and visuals in seven of what I think are her most stylish music videos:

  1. 1) What You Waiting For?

2) The Sweet Escape (Feat. Akon)

3) Luxurious

4) It’s My Life 

5) Cool

6) Spark The Fire

7) Make Me Like You

By Syed Zulfadhli