Halle Berry Oscars

The ’90s and ’00s style icon herself, Halle Berry, has shared yet another one of her fashion takes on Instagram.

Proving she’s the queen of looking ageless and effortlessly flawless, the actress posted a photo of herself lying on the beach, showcasing her figure in a chevron-patterned tan-and-coral bikini. In the caption, she wrote, “If it requires a bikini, my answer is always yes please!”

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Berry’s most recent post follows suit with her signature, often bold social media presence. Fairly recent posts range from her quarantine ball gown back in March to—unforgettably—her bob prank at the Oscars.

Frequently incorporated into these style moments have been an array of pantsless or shirtless looks. Last month, she presented herself in a leopard-print bodysuit and thigh-high boots, which seemed to nod to her previous role as Catwoman, and several months ago, she showcased a poolside lounge look in just a pink LaQuan Smith button-down and Kat Maconie heels. Shouting-out Smith in another post, she shared a photo of herself in baggy, cargo-style pants, and wrote in the caption, “When the pants so dope, you don’t need a top. thank you @laquan_smith.”

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For Berry, Instagram is her safe haven for hot takes, for both her bold fashion moves and otherwise. “[Being on Instagram] has been really liberating,” she shared with BAZAAR.com back in March. “Now with social media, I can control what people know about me and how I present it. One of the benefits of aging—there are many—but one of them is you just start to not give a fuck anymore.”

Speaking to PopSugar, Berry said, “I don’t really give over to trends and beauty fads, and I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve worked really hard to stay myself through all of this that’s going on and to stay true to what I think beauty is so that I can feel my best self.”

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From the looks of her Instagram, Berry has certainly lived up to her words. Since September, she’s been happily in a relationship with musician Van Hunt, which she’s recently taken to Instagram to be unapologetically expressive about, while also straightening out any false narratives that came her way.

Several weeks ago, she posted a photo of herself sharing a kiss with Hunt (more on that “no pants” look) and captioned the post, “We do this thing called whatever the f*ck we want ! 💋” She was quick to shut down troll messages, including one that accused her relationship of being one-sided, to which she merely responded, “Ummmm don’t think so…not this time ❤️.”

Of all the possible takeaways from the star’s social media presence, one is this: It’s Halle Berry’s world, and we’re all living in it.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.