grammys 2016
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Sure, musicians everywhere might dream of one day taking home a Grammy award. But even if you come close—or just happen to be invited to the show—you’re already a winner. That’s because companies shower you with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts.

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Fortune reports that marketing firm Distinctive Assets has been presenting Grammys swag for 17 years, and this year, that amounted to more than USD22,0000 (approximately $30933)  worth of goodies. One hundred and fifty presenters, executives, nominees, and other artists get invited to their gift lounge, and leave with a piece of luggage filled with swag.

Here are just a few of the pricey options that were included:

Fit Club TV’s “Ultimate Fitness Package,” including a week at a fitness resort: USD6,180

Session of “ultherapy,” a skin tightening procedure, by plastic surgeons Stafford Broumand and Daniel Mann: USD5,500

Organic, gluten-free, and vegan cocktails from The Natural Mixologist: USD2,250

Interior decorating services: USD1,000

A week at the Golden Door Resort & Spa: USD1,000

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But the Grammys swag is pocket change compared to the gifts that Oscar-nominated actors and directors will get this year. The Daily Beast reports that they’ll take home a record-breaking USD200,000 worth of gifts, including trips to Israel and Japan, a year’s worth of Audi car rentals, and even a USD1,900 “vampire breast lift.” So if you’re trying to decide between a career in acting or music, keep in mind that actors get the better swag.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US