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At the end of last month, Huawei unveiled its all new Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro which is said to be the company’s most advanced camera smartphones to date, rivaling professional cameras, with the innovative Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor, an extreme optical Huawei SuperZoom lens, a new Time of Flight (TOF) camera, and better OIS and AIS image stabilization technology.

“The latest Huawei P30 Series represents a breakthrough after decades of digital camera technology development that will rewrite the rules and reshape the perception that consumers have of mobile photography. Innovations such as the Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor and SuperZoom Lens allow us to push the envelope of not just photography, but videography as well – a frontier long overdue for disruption. The Huawei P30 Series will set the pace for the next several generations of smartphones,” explained Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG.

So who better to put all this technology to the test than our favourite Instagram stars and masters of the selfie: Savina Chai, Sahur Saleim, Grace Ciao, Samantha Chan, Ali Hanafiah, Rachel Wong, Munah Bagharib, Alverina, Amanda Leong, Karisa Sukamto, Val Lim and Ginette Chittick?

For the past week, each social media star traded in their own phones for either a Huawei P30 or Huawei P30 Pro. They were then tasked with putting not only the camera, but also all aspects of the phone’s technology through its paces. Here’s a look at what they had to say and how they have been using the phone.

Sahur Saleim

“Been having the time of my life trying the @huaweimobilesg P30 Pro for the last few days. The colour I have is Breathing Crystal and it’s so beautiful! The P30 Pro has the world’s first LEICA Quad Camera and really impressive zoom capabilities – 5x Optical Zoom, 10x Hybrid Zoom and up to 50x Digital zoom!”

Grace Ciao

“Sharing with you a little behind-the-scenes of my work. Always exciting to watch my flowers and vision come together. I love how the @huaweimobilesg P30 Pro captures my designs so beautifully too!”

Savina Chai

“Endless possibilities with @huaweimobilesg.. Image shot on #huawei30pro.”

Karisa Sukamto

“Excited to test out the @huaweimobilesg P30 Pro!#rewritetherules – a fitting tagline considering the features of this iridescent coloured handheld (mine comes in ‘breathing crystal’ 💎 : tip top specs, leica quad cam, wide angle to super super zoom capabilities, and more light in the dark for beautiful moments to photograph! can’t wait to bring this phone on my next touristy travel x was looking through #huaweip30pro’s hashtag and i love the wide frame this little phone manages to capture! also the 50x zoom for spying purposes.”

Ginette Chittick

“Receiving this beauty before anyone else! The Huawei P30 Pro Series launches tomorrow (6 April), So head down to VivoCity, Central Court Level 1, over the weekend (Sat and Sun) to lay your hands on a premium gift set worth up to S$470 with every purchase of the HUAWEI P30 or P30 Pro, while stocks last. Faster!”

Munah Bagharib

“My most special vow 💙 Rediscovering the +65 with my spankin new Huawei P30 Pro, got me some kind of excited! GUYSSS, I am not even kidding when I tell you that this phone is beyond incredible, with the world’s first ever Leica Quad Camera and its zoom capabilities! Just look! 😍 Get your hands on the Huawei P30 Series when it launches TOMORROW! Get your good day, with Huawei!”

The Huawei P30 ($998) and Huawei P30 Pro ($1,398) are available now and come in three different colours: Breathing Crystal, Aurora and Black.

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