Li Lihui, HIC Juice
Photo: Courtesy of HIC Juice

Best known for its well-packaged juice cleanses and efficient delivery service, HIC Juice launched in December 2013 after Li Lihui, who is one of three founders, was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of her first 3-day beginners’ juice cleanse that she tried out of curiosity. Just as on trend as the fashionistas it keeps fresh and well-fuelled, the homegrown brand constantly updates its menu with new blends and it even created special flavours for events like Singapore Fashion Week. We find out more ways to power up with juice…

Harper’s Bazaar Singapore: How do you kick-start your day?

Li Lihui: A few more minutes in bed with my dogs, a hot shower and a green juice!

HBS: What would one find in your refrigerator?

LLH: It’s well balanced! Of course I have my juices, lots of fruits and vegetables, and I really love mushrooms as well. But also plenty of meat and seafood. There’s little junk food or sweet foods though. And nothing expired—freshness is the way to go!

HIC Juice
Photo: Courtesy of HIC Juice

HBS: What is the ultimate juice to power up?

LLH: Definitely a green juice! If I were to recommend, I would say Kale Tales. It’s a nutritious blend of kale, apple, cucumber and coconut water. Kale is a super vegetable, one of the most nutrient dense vegetables around; the benefits of coconut water are endless; and the apple and cucumber adds the hydrating and beautifying factors to the juice.

HBS: What is your favourite juice and ingredient to work with?

LLH: I generally do not like juices that are too sweet, so I prefer those that are a little on the sour side.

HBS: You have an ice-cream franchise, Marble Slab Creamery, and HIC Juice. How do these tasty extremes reflect your lifestyle?

LLH: Well, I do sound like a person with extreme personalities sometimes. But as I grow older, somehow my tolerance of sweets is getting lower. So to me ice cream is a weekly indulgence, but juicing is a daily lifestyle.

HIC Juice
Photo: Courtesy of HIC Juice

Text by Dana Koh