Photo: Marianna Hewitt

Styling an Insta-worthy look is one thing, but then capturing it in the perfect #OOTD pic? That’s another struggle-filled feat in itself. If you don’t have your own photographer or Instagram husband handy, the task of getting that perfect blogger-worthy outfit shot can often feel like a Mission Impossible sequel.

Luckily, fashion and lifestyle blogger Marianna Hewitt, of, knows the #OOTD photo struggle all too well and is here to share all her tricks. Unlike many other bloggers, Hewitt doesn’t travel around with her own photographer and glam squad, so she’s become a pro at taking outfit Instas without all the resources.

Always one to share the best blogger secrets (last year she revealed the fascinating secret tricks bloggers use to edit their Instagrams), Hewitt put together a list of 10 blogger tips to capture the perfect #OOTD Instagram. From the best locations to all the right angles and even how to get your mom to take the perfect pic of you, Hewitt breaks down the key elements to know before you take your next ‘gram.

Read her full post here and watch the video below to see all her #OOTD tips and tricks in action:

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US