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Hunter Schafer sees the similarities between herself and her Euphoria character.

The star opens up about starring in her special episode of the HBO hit drama in her December/January cover interview with Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to acting, Schafer served as a co-writer and producer on the special episodean extended conversation in which her character Jules reflects on her feelings for her best friend, Rue.

“There’s a lot of me in Jules. I do think blurred lines between an actor and a character make a deeper character,” she says. “The work of an actor is trying to simulate a full life. Some people might say that doesn’t make me as strong of an actor, but … that’s how I learned. I’m still forming that process and also setting boundaries, which I didn’t have in season one.”

Her Euphoria co-star Zendaya also spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about watching Schafer’s special and witnessing her evolution as an actress while working on the show.

“I remember watching behind the camera and knowing that something had clicked,” the Spider-Man star says. “She just took whatever pain she had, and she translated it into such a beautiful performance.”

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Schafer also reveals that she uses a boundary-setting visualization process on set, which she learned from her current therapist. She says that she will picture a box that contains everything about Jules, and that she’ll picture shutting that box at the end of the day.

“While I’m not entirely sure how well it works, I do like the ritual of it, just as far as creating a visual boundary,” she adds.

The model and artist says that a practice like Method acting, where she immerses her self completely in a character, might not be sustainable for her. Instead she says she tries to notice how her characters can impact the ways she lives her own life.

“I’ve already spent a lot of my life trying to be someone I’m not. And even if it is my job title, I’m not interested in doing that again for long periods of time,” she says.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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