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As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, many of you will be wondering what you can do to be proactive in the fight against infection. While washing your hands and keeping them away from your face and avoiding non-essential travel is your best defence, you can also try incorporating some of these supplements into your daily diet to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

The Nue Co. Defense Drops, £25, CultBeauty.co.uk
The Nue Co Defense Drops_re

Your first line of defence against getting sick, The Nue Co.’s immune-boosting Defense Drops contains a blend of adaptogenic herbs and immunomodulating extracts with naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Add to any liquid at the first sign of a scratchy throat or sneeze to help support your body’s immune response.


Dr Nigma Talib Healthy Flora, $65 USD, Net-A-Porter.com
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Formulated by Naturopathic Dr Nigma Talib, these ‘Healthy Flora’ supplements are packed with a researched blend of probiotics to improve digestion and overall gut health, which is crucial for a properly functioning immune system. Each capsule contains grape seed extract, an antioxidant which works to revitalize your system from the inside out, enzymes that break down fats and proteins and B-Complex vitamins to help you stay energized and ready to fight off bugs.


The Beauty Chef Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost, $42 AUS, TheBeautyChef.com

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Help protect your skin from cellular ageing, boost your immune system and nourish your gut microbiome with The Beauty Chef’s Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost. This probiotic concentrate is rich in bio-fermented papaya to help combat free radical damage and boost gut health with natural digestive enzymes and probiotics. With scientifically proven immune enhancing properties, it’s ideal for anyone looking to support their immune system, if you’re recovering from illness or if your skin has been subjected to environmental assault.


WelleCo The Super Booster – Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum, $92 USD, Net-A-Porter.com
WelleCo The Super Booster - Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum_re

Designed for busy people with fast paced lives who can’t afford to take a sick day, WelleCo’s The Super Booster – Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum contains a blend of botanicals specially formulated to support immune system health and stimulate a healthy immune response. It also works to improve fatigue and provide antioxidant support thanks to Vitamin C, kakadu plum and acerola cherry. The individual sachets are perfect for keeping in your bag or desk drawer.


Kiki Health Body Biotics, £24.95, Cultbeauty.co.uk
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Each Body Biotics capsule from Kiki Health contains live and thriving soil-based organisms – “good” bacteria proven to aid digestion, boost immunity and help control “bad”, antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They also work wonders for those susceptible to irritable bowel or yeast/urinary tract infections, and even have a positive effect on problem-prone complexions.


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