Instagram Secretly Introduced Its New Algorithm While You Were Distracted By Its New Icon
Photo: Getty

Twitter has been LIT ever since Instagram launched the redesign of its classic analog camera icon. Users have been making fun of it, comparing its new rainbow gradient icon to things like Lisa Frank and Power Point presentations. But overall, the icon makeover and its new black-and-white app design has gone over pretty well, with most critiques being in jest.

Yep, it was all fun and games until users started to notice another major change. The major change, actually. The one everyone’s been dreading ever since Instagram announced it: the newalgorithm that will order pics in your feed by “importance” instead of in chronological order.

Looks like Insta snuck the new algorithm into the app while everyone was distracted by its new look. Now that the shock and awe of the icon has died down, people are freaking out on Twitter about their feeds being out of wack.

Other users pointed out that the Instaverse had been duped and this whole “logo change” was just a cover for the algorithm change.

There’s no word on whether the new algorithm has officially rolled out or if it’s just being tested. Some people with updates apps are still seeing the feed in chronological order.

Either way, it looks like Twitter is not impressed. Hopefully, the next Insta update will come with an option to opt out of Insta’s “new and improved” feed.

From: Harper’s BAZZAR US