There are many ways to make sure your home space is a nourishing place for becoming your best self. From keeping it organised and clutter free, there’s another way that will be sure to make your interiors stand out and usher some good vibes in at the same time. Enter crystals: Though their benefits are arguably debatable, they’ve been making its rounds in the interior decor world. And why should it not? it makes for some pretty décor, and the pops of colour lends hints of nature to any space. And if we get a boost of extra luck along the way, now, that’s an added benefit that we can all agree on.

Here, we list out the top five crystals for each of your needs, with decor ideas on how to style them. Scroll through to see just how versatile this material can be.

  1. 1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Photo: Murals Wallpaper

Not just a highly sought after Pantone colour in the interior design world, the Rose Quartz is said to carry the universal energy of love. And when it comes to all matters of the heart, keeping in close to the center of your home helps to attract love and help heal from painful love experiences. You may also place several in your bedroom to absorb some of that nourishing, warm and gentle energy.

Styling tip: Display a bowl with rose quartz in the center (heart) of your home, and have several crystals in your bedroom. If you have trouble sleeping, place a couple under your pillow, or by the bed stand.

Pictured: crystal wall murals, which a strong statement to your room.



2. Amethyst

Photo: designlovefest

The deeper and more intense the colour, the more expensive it is. Amethyst, which is a precious stone consisting of a violet or purple variety, is soothing and is said to relax and bring comfort, promoting clarity of mind, thus bringing calm to the household, or help with studying and learning.

Styling tip: Place them near your sleeping quarters.

Pictured: A crystal mirror you can DIY

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3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Photo: Pinterest/ Nikita By Niki

This is the stone associated with clarity, and it can be used for almost anything and everything, for connecting you with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides.

Styling tip: Good to place in the bathroom as it helps clear the energy of the house and amplify energy.

Pictured: Clear Quartz coasters






4. Citrine

Photo: Pinterest

Citrine is a pale yellow quartz resembling topaz, and considered one of the most important pieces of jewelry to enhance our wealth and creative potential. Associated with mental clarity, dispelling doubts, reaffirming self-worth to bring about success, expansion, and personal power. Some have even sworn by placing them in your wallet – by doing so, you’ll never suffer from an empty pocket again.

Styling tip: Place it at your work desk or near your moneybox to manifest wealth and abundance.

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   5. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
Photo: Exquisite Crystals

Considered amongst the top protective stones, black tourmaline is known to break negative energy from your life. And as a decor piece, it adds a tone of drama to any interior.

Styling tip: place them at the entrance of the house to dispel any negative energies from entering your abode, or anywhere with potentially harmful intentions that may be directed towards you

Pictured: Black Tourmaline Needle

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