Jackson Wang

In case you missed it, our September 2023 cover star Jackson Wang is in town to celebrate the launch of the TEAM WANG Design space at COMO Orchard, located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping belt. 

On its opening night, the world-renowned multi-hyphenate sat down with us for an exclusive press session discussing the conception of his label, the expansion of his design collections, and more on what the future holds for TEAM WANG Design.

Read ahead for Jackson’s responses.

Tell us more about The Original 1 collection.

It’s a long-term line that we launched. For the last two or three years all we did were collections that were very limited in quantity. But this is the first line that we put out that was meant to be for the long run, and it represents the core of TEAM WANG Design. The line was also inspired by the collection that we launched the label with, and it features our most classic pieces—basically wardrobe essentials—with the ‘TEAM WANG’ print across the back.

What were the inspirations behind your numerous TEAM WANG Design collections and which would you consider your favourite?

Rather than having inspirations and the stress and pressure to continuously push out new collections, I have always been a person that marches to the beat of my own rhythm. Long story short, TEAM WANG Design has always been about knowing yourself and what your true standard of happiness is. In this society, we tend to lose ourselves to the distractions of every day, and I think it’s important to remember who we really are. So for me, in all the work I do—be it my music or design—it’s simply about finding one’s own centre.

What do you believe are some challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry in the next decade, and how is your label prepared to navigate them?

I don’t think I am in a position to even comment. I’m just doing what I believe and hopefully, if people can relate to that, then that’s already my happiness.

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What makes you the most creatively fulfilled when it comes to your work with TEAM WANG Design?

I don’t consider myself a fashion designer or a singer or a performer. Yes, I am a bit of everything, but generally speaking, I am more of a creator. Maybe for the past ten years, anyone who knows me thinks that I am someone who just sings, dances, and performs, and I feel like a big part of me has not been represented yet—and that’s me as a creator. This is why in the near future, I want to shift my focus to be more behind-the-scenes and work more on sharing this aspect of me with everyone.

Tell us something unique about the TEAM WANG Design space you have designed at COMO Orchard.

I think whenever we have opportunities to do displays or pop-ups, I always like to share what’s the main core message of the brand and the story behind it. I don’t want anyone to ask any questions; I want it to be very straightforward. Our main message for The Original 1 collection was the idea of the ‘invisible man,’ and that it’s for everyone regardless of gender, race, or personal identity. The collection was also designed to be in black because it was inspired by a thought I had when I closed my eyes and it gave me the feeling of being limitless and unstoppable. 

What has been the design philosophy behind your label since its launch?

It’s really all about clothes that I would want to personally wear. Launching TEAM WANG Design for me was never about business; it simply started because I was following my gut feeling. 

What are your future plans for TEAM WANG Design? 

I really wanted to start an underwear collection. It’s just something I would really want to have. 

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.