Jiawa Liu’s Photo Diary Proves This Is Not Pablo Escobar’s Colombia

From Medellin to Cartagena

Either Narcos and the chilling name of Pablo Escobar has made you never want to visit Colombia, or it has sparked a curiosity that only taking the Escobar tour in Medellin can hope to quench. However, in Colombia, and in Medellin itself, the home of the drug lord’s infamous cartel, no one is talking about Pablo anymore. On the contrary, all that this deeply warm and generous people want to do is to show foreign travellers how much more Colombia has to offer. Above all, this is a diverse country with a rich history. From the notorious slums of Medellin to the caribean merchant port of Cartagena de Indias, here’s a look at Colombia you didn’t expect. 

Photography by Jiawa Liu (@beigerenegade) and Louis Villers (@louis_villers)

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