If you’ve seen the half-naked, expertly parodied music video for Kanye West’s song “Bound2,” (or listened to its explicit lyrics) you’ll know that it’s really not at all appropriate for kids. So artist Zak Tebbal stepped in to make its central theme safe for the schoolyard.

In his adorable children’s book Bound 2Gether, Tebbal lets Yeezus play himself, but replaces his wife Kim Kardashian with an actual chick. And the metaphor is pretty well handled: “One day, Kim saw Kanye playing with some other chickens, which made her upset. She was so upset that she decided to run away!”



You can, and should, read the whole book, which is available on Tebbal’s website. It’ll all be worth it when you figure out how he translates the original lyric “one good girl is worth a thousand bitches” for the toddler set.