Karlie Kloss (Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

After a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol yesterday, Karlie Kloss—supermodel, spouse of Joshua Kushner, and sister-in-law to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump—tweeted that she “tried” to convince her extended family to accept November’s presidential election results. It’s certainly an ambitious pitch, given Jared and Ivanka’s loyalties to the president as his adviser and daughter, respectively.

“Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic,” Kloss wrote. “Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American.”

In a now-deleted tweet, a Twitter user wrote back, “Tell your sister in law and brother [in] law.”

Kloss responded, “I’ve tried.”

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Kloss has a history of skirting around the issue when people bring up her familial relations, including a 2020 episode of Project Runway when a contestant asked her if she would wear an outfit “to dinner with the Kushners.” She ignored the dig and went on to address the outfit.

The stiffening of Kloss’s friendship with Ivanka, which dates back to 2012, seems to have occurred once Donald Trump ascended to the White House in 2016. In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last year, Kloss reassured audiences that she’s not a Trump supporter.

“I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics,” she said. “I voted as a democrat in 2016 and I plan to do the same in 2020.”

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