Kendall Jenner And A$Ap Rocky Really Are An Item
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Update, 25/7: It seems Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky really are dating. The model was spotted at the rapper’s set at Panorama festival on Sunday and hit up multiple stops in New York City with him on Sunday, according to Page Six.

A$AP reportedly brought Jenner up to Harlem, followed by a late hangout at Blue Ribbon Brasserie in SoHo, where onlookers said they were very touchy. “They were coupled up at the restaurant ,” a source told the paper, “Hugging, flirting and acting like a couple. His friend said that was his girl.”

Sorry ladies, looks like A$AP has found his new fashion killa.

Original post, 7/21: While the rest of the world has been obsessing over Kim Kardashian’s attempted takedown of Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner has been kinda-sorta-maybe dating A$AP Rocky. The rapper—who recently made headlines for his controversial remarks about Black Lives Matter—has reportedly been chilling with 20-year-old Kendall since last month, but fear not Harry Styles (if you’re reading this): they aren’t serious.

“It’s a fling,” a source tells Us Weekly, “It’s not serious.” See? Meanwhile, another source says “he’s just having fun” and “thinks Kendall is hot as hell” (we assume he’s talking about both her body and mind being on fire).

The not-couple were seen together in Paris last month, and it is The City of Love, so do with that information what you will.

Kendall Jenner And A$Ap Rocky Really Are An Item

^Documentary footage of the internet following the every move of this fledgling couple.

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