Kim Kardashian Amber Rose
Photo: Instagram

Last week, the Internet was sent into a frenzy with Kanye West‘s latest Twitter rant—a series of angry tweets against Wiz Khalifa which also brought West’s ex Amber Rose into the fire. Early this morning, however, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose stepped up to the plate to put an end to the spat once and for all with just one selfie. It appears as though the two hung out last night, presumably to bury the hatchet following the boys’ ridiculous Twitter fight. Letting the selfie speak louder than words, Kardashian simply captioned the photo, “Tea anyone?” while Rose captioned the same photo, “Swingers,” complete with the frog and coffee emoji. This is how you shut down a fight like a true boss bitch.

Take notes, boys.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US