Kim and Kanye pre gramm brunch
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the pre-Grammy brunch 2015

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided which direction they’ll be going in for a second baby name. The happy couple will be completely ditching the map for child No. 2! According to TMZ, there’s little to no chance that the growing Kardashian-West clan will be adding another directionally-named baby to family.

While rumours were rife that the couple was considering names like “South,” (no one could really believe they were going to name their child “South West”), “East,” or “Easton,” it looks like those possibilities weren’t all that credible.

The couple posing with Rihanna backstage at Kanye West's Adidas Originals show
The couple posing with Rihanna backstage at Kanye West’s Adidas Originals show

TMZ says the pair only liked North because “there was a power element because it’s always on top, or pointing up.” The other directions do not have that kind of luxury.

Instead Kim and Kanye are expected to go the traditional route and try to pick a family name. The site says that something related to the couple’s late parents is a definite possibility. Since the gender has yet to be announced, we can’t wait to find out if they’re leaning towards Robert (Kim’s late father’s name) or Donda, the moniker of Kanye’s late mother.

Images: Imaxtree