Kim Kardashian Just Gave A Fan Kanye West's Own Yeezy Sneakers
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Earlier this week, sneakerheads eager to cop a pair of Kanye‘s new Yeezy Boost 750s were disappointed to find the sneakers had sold out in seconds. Naturally, disgruntled fans took to Twitter to rant about their misfortune, but for one lucky user, his tweet was a ticket to a free pair.

Twitter user Joe Berg wrote that the sneakers were sold out after only 13 seconds.

But Kim Kardashian found his cry for help and decided to play Good Samaritan. Apparently Kanye took a liking to Berg’s tweets and decided to give him a free pair.

So Berg took their offer, but not without a mini freakout.

Kim responded bearing bad news: they no longer had the sneakers in Berg’s size. Her consolation? Give the man a pair of Kanye’s own. They’re the same size anyway.

Her reply sent Berg into an even bigger freakout.

This isn’t Kim’s first time gifting Yeezys, either. The day prior, Twitter user Mohamad M. Ali (he’s the @moesdeph Kim mentioned in her first response to Berg) thanked her and Kanye for sending him a pair too.

Hey Kim, where are our pairs?

From: Harper’s BAZZAR US