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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the size of Calabasas, you know that the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests know how to do Christmas. Their decor, curated and created by Jeff Leatham, is a competition between their many California estates. This season, Kris installed an at-home ice skating rink and a faceted polar bear under an array of trees, while Kylie opted for a 20-foot tree and oversized ornaments.

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The lead-up to December 25th is just as exciting for this crew as the holiday itself. Christmas Eve isn’t just a family affair—it’s an excuse for an epic, annual party at Kris Jenner’s house with an A-list guest list. And, to top off the most epic holiday celebration we’ve seen since, well, their celebrations last Christmas, Kim released a family advent calendar on her Instagram this month to offer friends and fans 25 chic images to enjoy rather than the family’s usual yet much-anticipated, single-image holiday card.

But, in case you thought Kanye wasn’t as much into the holiday spirit as his mother and sister-in-laws–think again. Kim just released one of his gifts to her from under their gargantuan tree on her Instagram stories–stocks, lots of stocks. Talk about a stock-ing stuffer. We’re just happy Kanye is responsibly thinking ahead and planning for his and Kim’s financial stability in the future.

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kim kardashian kanye christmas
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True to form, Kanye surprised his wife with this gift. A box containing gift cards–$100 to Amazon, $60 to NetflixAdidas socks, Apple Airpods wireless headphones and a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy was presented at first. When a confused Kim looked again, she noticed an envelope full of certificates–for stocks in all five major companies represented by the gag gifts.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Christmas
Photo: Instagram

Yes, to Kanye West, $160 dollar headphones and $160 in gift cards are the gag gift, and what appears to be $500,000+ in stocks is one of the actual Christmas presents he gave his wife yesterday. North, per her grandmother’s post, may even get to use the baby Porsche Jennifer Lawrence gifted Kris with this season. Kim showcased her gift against a backdrop of not one, but two, Hermes boxes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed she opens those next.

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