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Kim Kardashian is a lot of things. She’s a reality star, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother—and she’s also a bona fide expert selfie-taker.

Whatever you think of Kardashian, you have to admit, the woman has put in the hours of practice necessary to achieve professional selfie-taker status. She literally wrote the book on the subject.

Kardashian shared her latest tips for taking an Instagram-worthy selfie with E! and the advice is pretty spot-on. Her top three selfie rules are fundamentals to live by. Rule one: “You need good lighting. Obviously,” Kardashian said.

Rules two and three are all about angles. “Always take your selfie from above, angling down. I think there’s nothing worse than when someone wants to take a selfie and they take it from the angle down below, you know, and get some double chin action,” she explained as her second rule. But Kardashian knows that every selfie-taker is unique, which is why rule No. 3 includes room for customization. “Know your own angles,” she advised. “Know what your best angle is and go with that.”

But a perfect selfie is about more than just angles and lighting, Kardashian insists. It’s also about being selfie-ready in the beauty department, which for her means a face that’s contoured to perfection.

“I talked about how I was ‘over’ contour a while ago, for an interview with Vogue in the UK, and I think that’s because I was into it a little bit less in that moment,” she explained to E!. “But I’m back into contour and think when you’ve done it really well it definitely helps your selfie. Once you put the light on, it just shows off your features so well.”

And if you happen to spot Kim K out and about and ask for a selfie, be prepared to follow these rules or have your phone commandeered—because she will take the picture herself if fans are setting her (and themselves) up for unflattering shots.

“There’s nothing worse than a really bad selfie angle,” she explained. “I went to a restaurant the other day, and everyone was asking for a photo, but their angles were so bad. I just had to start taking their cameras and doing it myself, so I could get the right angle.”

That’s a woman who takes her selfie game very, very seriously.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US