Kim Kardashian West Announces New Tv Show
Photo: Kim kardashian

If ever you needed confirmation on the benefit of falling down stray Facebook wormholes, today just might be your day. As Popsugar reports, they stumbled down just that kind of abyss, only to find a casting call posting from none other than executive producer Kim Kardashian West.

Because being a mommy, a wifey, and an internet breaker isn’t enough, KKW is calling all beauty bloggers for a “cutting-edge competition reality series.” According to the post, the show will be produced by the team behind The Real Housewives of New York and air on a “major” cable television network. After contouring, strobing, and faux lashing their way to fame through a series of video-based challenges, the final winning lucky vlogger will be awarded the ultimate prize: They’ll be the beauty director for all Kardashian apps. “Imagine creating exclusive content and tutorials for Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim to share with millions on their beauty and lifestyle Apps!” It’s a major opportunity for the right talent, and we’re not going to lie: It sounds like it would make damn good TV. The show starts filming in October, so get your palettes ready.

Kim Kardashian West Announces New Tv Show
Photo: Kim Kardashian

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US