kit chan


Have an ear for the world’s music.

The ocean, the wind, the trees, the animals, our heartbeat… Sound connects everything! Hence, music prompts a response and reaction: It’s a powerful medium that shapes the world we live in.

Be at the centre of attraction with lots of sparkle and shine.

They make for an outfit that’ll never look wrong on stage. Seriously!

Take solace in songs.

“All Walk Alone” by Karla Bonoff resonates with me. I heard it on the radio a couple of times when I was a kid and the lines became imprinted in my mind and heart.

kit chan

Never stop looking out for new talents to listen to.

I recently discovered a composer-instrumentalist from Iceland called Ólafur Arnalds. Listening to his music is like being immersed in an epic movie soundtrack.

Assemble your favourite league of music superheroes.

Sinead O’Connor, Barbra Streisand, Kate Bush, Madonna, U2… They are all rather melodramatic and I love that quality in a performer.

Understand that life is one continuous lesson.

I analyse mistakes I’ve made onstage. Similarly, mistakes in life need to be mulled over and thought through so that we don’t make them again.

kit chan