Lana Del Rey. Photo: Getty
Lana Del Rey. Photo: Getty

Five years since the release of her webcam-shot Video Games music video and three commercially successful albums down, 32-year-old Grammy nominee Lana Del Rey is finally releasing her fourth studio album, Lust For Life, on the 21st July 2017. Judging from all the buzz that’s going on on the Internet, it seems like everyone is itching to vibe to her latest offering since her last album, Honeymoon‘s release back in 2015. That’s a long two year wait for die-hard fans.

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The much anticipated album features collaborations – first album with collabs for Del Rey – with rock veteran Stevie Nicks, hip hop artist A$AP Rocky (who was spotted in Del Rey’s J.F. Kennedy-inspired music video National Anthem in 2012), and most notably music’s hottest star right now The Weeknd – whom she crooned with about climbing “the H of the Hollywood sign” in her latest single with the same name as the album title on the tracks.

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While she retains her signature sultry and haunting vintage Hollywood-esque vocal style – which she serenaded us to in the songs Love and Lust For Life from the album – it is her uplifting spin to her lyrical finesse (compared to her misery-drenched verses which she’s known for) which seemed to hit all the right notes with her fans while winning new ones over.

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So while waiting for Lust For Life‘s release, we present to you some of the best moments in Lana Del Rey’s existence – be it with music video moments, unusual tweets, and also Instagram posts that makes us love her over and over again.

1) Born To Die: The Music Video That Put Lana In The Spotlight

Where would Lana Del Rey be if not for her attention-grabbing music video, Born To Die? The video got the public talking when the then lesser known artist crooned to the slow rock sadcore tune dressed in a white Antonio Berardi spring/summer 2012 dress with a flower crown. Flanked by two tigers. While sitting on a throne. In a church. If anything, this was Lana’s commercial breakthrough that propelled her to international fame.

2) On Being Bored To Death

We’re not exactly sure of what’s really going down with Lana in this tweet, but we guess she isn’t afraid to tweet it as it is.

3) Lana’s First OST Was For The Great Gatsby

Del Rey’s critically acclaimed song Young And Beautiful – where the singer wistfully pipes “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” – was featured in Baz Luhrman’s 2013 blockbuster The Great Gatsby in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan starred as the movie’s leads (the cast was dressed only in Prada). With a ‘20s flapper girl inspired perm, sparkly pair of encrusted giant hoop earrings, luscious red lips and two tear drops etched on her right cheekbone, this video displayed Del Rey’s tasteful flair for drama.

4) Taking On The Disney Route

A year later, Del Rey took to the movie soundtrack route again. This time, she brought a darker spin to Once Upon A Dream – a Disney classic – for one of 2014’s most buzzed about movie, Maleficent, which starred Hollywood favourite Angelina Jolie as Disney’s arguably most evil – and misunderstood – villain from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

5) Lana Gives Beauty Influencers A Run For Their Money

Winging it like she should, Del Rey demonstrates how she achieves perfect wing tips in her Instagram post. With The Beatles playing in the background, no less.

6) Lana Is Bewitching In More Ways Than One

Following Donald Trump’s appointment as the President of the United States early this year, Lana took to Twitter to convince fans worldwide to engage in a “binding spell” – a ritual to chase Trump out of his political seat by magical means. Did it work? Apparently not. But it definitely was an unusual way for the singer to bring fans together.

7) Album Leaks Do Not Sit Too Well With Her

Unimpressed by her fans leaking her new album online, Del Rey didn’t mince her words to express her displeasure. Girl’s got some claws, so it seems!