Model-maker Hannah Reed places Lego Kanye alongside Lego Roger Daltrey and Lego Florence Welch.

The complete sell-out of tickets in this year’s Glastonbury Festival may be disappointing for some but Legoland Windsor has devised a new way for those who will be missing Glastonbury Festival 2015 to receive the same aesthetic experience. But, without the music. For those of you London-bound, take a short detour to Windsor to see this interesting addition!

This new Glastonbury feature is part of the Miniland attraction that is known for recreating some of the world’s famous landmarks with extreme meticulousness in details. The Glastonbury scene itself comes with the full set of the Pyramid Stage and this year’s headline acts, including Kanye West, standing 10cm high. You can even spot a Lego Miniland figure of Kim Kardashian hanging out in the VIP area backstage.

The Lego Pyramid Stage in the new Glastonbury festival scene.
Campers in a miniature Lego tent
10cm high Lego recreations of Kim Kardashian and Dave Grohl
The Lego Pyramid Stage

The model-making team from Legoland Windsor took 720 hours to build Lego Glastonbury with almost 10,000 bricks. The 50cm tall Pyramid Stage alone was made with 5,400 bricks to emulate the exact dimensions of the actual stage. They didn’t forget the essentials either – portaloos, tents and festival goers mud-sliding are some of the things you can see in this recreated scene. And to make it as authentic and visually accurate, the team even imported mud from the actual Glastonbury Festival.