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She might be a new name in the home-grown music scene, but singer-songwriter and producer Linying is already going places with her music. Earlier this month, her song Sticky Leaves made its international debut and landed in music streaming service Spotify’s American and global Viral 50 chart.

Unlike the regular top charts which is based on the number of streams alone, Spotify’s Viral charts takes into account both streams and the number of times listeners share the song.

It is quite an achievement, considering Sticky Leaves is her first solo release. She has yet to release her debut EP, expected to be completed later this year.

Linying has also collaborated with other electronic dance artists and lent her vocals to a track by home-grown producer Myrne on his song Silver City, as well as performed on several songs with German producer Felix Jaehn and French duo Krono.

In a recording for ST Sessions, she talks about how her feelings inspire her music, how her collaborations came about and having her music played in places such as fashion outlet H&M stores:

Linying, who has covered songs by acts such as indie-folk singer-songwriter Bon Iver and songwriter/producer Dawn Golden on YouTube, first came into prominence in the homegrown scene when she participated in Noise Singapore’s The Music Mentorship Programme in 2014.

She has since performed in prominent music festivals including the Esplanade’s Yfest in 2013 and last year’s Baybeats and Music Matters Live.

Here, she talks about how American Idol first inspired her to make music and coming to terms with the music industry:

Her song Grime is about being in a doomed relationship:

Her debut single, Sticky Leaves, is inspired by Russian literary classic The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky:


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From: The Straits Times