The year 2020 was the year of tech discoveries. From learning how to use Zoom for work meetings or staying connected with family and friends to finding the right gadget to help us keep to our fitness goals at home, never has technology played such a significant role in our everyday lives. Even tech giants such as Apple and Samsung have upped the ante with new products dedicated to increase productivity. 

In true Singaporean fashion (read: kaypoh), we reached out to local content creators and celebrities to find out what their favourite tech discoveries of 2020 are. Read on to find out.

1. Tabitha Nauser, Musician

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“A lot of people have had to shift gears and work from home, and the same happened to me! I’ve had to set up a home studio fairly quickly to work on tracks, create demos, do vocal production and such. Equipping my home with all the essentials was necessary, and finding a good pair of headphones was top on my list. The Apple AirPods Max were perfect for me to listen to my demos, especially with the noise cancellation; I felt as if I was in my own space even though I was sharing the office with my partner. I know this launched pretty late in 2020, but I’m obsessed. I wish I had them during lockdown, haha. They’re one of my favourite pieces of tech and they look super stylish too—it doesn’t hurt!”.

2. Edwin Hung, Content Creator

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“Normally noise-cancelling earbuds or AirPods are great but after a few hours of wearing them, my ear canals would start to feel uncomfortable. So when Huawei sent me a pair of its HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II—essentially a pair of glasses with built-in stereo sound that connects via Bluetooth like any other earbuds, but way cooler—I thought that the idea seemed pretty far-fetched and very science-fiction. But once I put them on, I found that they do indeed have pretty good noise cancelling capabilities—not the best, but pretty good for what they are. Now, whenever I meet friends who don’t know about these glasses, I get them to try them on and their first reaction is usually ‘Wow, how does it work?’. All things considered, I must admit it’s pretty cool.”

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3. Fariz Jabba, Musician

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“I was trying to find a hefty slab of metal keyboards because I feel that it’s what I use most to get my work done on a computer. I looked for the best kind of keyboard just to treat myself and I thought that the Razer BlackWidow V3 was the way to go. I love it.”

4. Jayden Tan, Content Creator

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“I’ve had my eyes set on The Serif from Samsung for the longest time. Designed by French design brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this smart TV was designed to be admired like a piece of exquisite furniture in your home. It resembles artwork found in modern art museums, stands on its own (even without its detachable legs) and of course, its profile elegantly resembles the letter ‘i’—and yes, in serif. The software in the TV is also exclusive to the series, with special functions and modes designed specifically for it.”

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5. Yumika Hoskin, Content Creator

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“I think the biggest must-have last year was sanitiser. Although it’s used to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, consuming small plastic bottles of sanitiser weighed on my conscience and completely went against my lifestyle of sustainable-living. Then I discovered a company called aquama which combines salt, water and electricity in their Freedom S device to create a chemical-free cleaning and disinfecting solution—all at the click of a button. Through hydrolysis, water is electrically-charged and salt activates it to create a virucide solution, which I use to disinfect my phone, hands and clothes. It’s my favourite new gadget!”

6. Yung Raja, Musician

“For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find the perfect headphones that I can use across all of my devices and record music with—essentially, the perfect Bluetooth or wired headphones for everyday use. And I used to have a few that I keep switching around or would sometimes misplace. But ever since I got the Apple Airpods Max, it has been really convenient. As a musician, finding the perfect product that eases your workflow is crucial! A lot of trial and error is involved in purchasing the right gear that works best for you, and I’m so happy with this buy!”

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7. Christopher Kiong, Content Creator

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“The Apple Watch Series 5 was gifted to me and has easily become one my most used tech gadgets in everyday life—apart from my iPhone. The Apple Watch is an accessory you wouldn’t realise you need until you have it. It allows me to keep track of my fitness goals—through insightful data of my workouts—and keeps me motivated to hit my activity goals for the day. If you’re somewhat of a scatterbrain like I am, the Apple Watch takes convenience to the next level by locating your iPhone with a single touch, display your most important notifications as well as set timers and alarms with ease. Did I mention that it tells time too?”