Some of us picked up bread baking during 2020’s quarantine. Others devoted their free time to cultivating at-home gardens. Jessie Randall, co-founder and creative director at Loeffler Randall, spent the year sewing face masks and quilts from her dining room table on Long Island. It wasn’t just a hobby to keep her occupied; it was the start of an eventual interiors experiment at her label.

For the 2021 holiday season, Loeffler Randall is hosting its annual Craft Fair featuring home goods from a selection of local and international brands—including Loeffler Randall’s first decor items. The brand enters the category with two optimally cozy items: a gingham patchwork quilt and a ruffled floral throw pillow. Both items use fabric left over from past Loeffler Randall designs, a homespun callback to the love of quilting and DIY-crafting Randall doubled down on last year.

“A lot of these crafty things that we end up doing evolve from things I made from my own home,” Randall tells “I think all of us are focusing on our homes more than ever before, so it feels like a natural extension.”

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In a sense, home also encompasses the Loeffler Randall store that opened in March. “I love to shop myself, and I love to go into a store that’s a world of something. The store feels like such a cozy, homey space, it makes sense to have things like a blanket or a pillow available,” Randall says.

The small batch table settings and decorative items that will join Loeffler Randall from other independent brands still have a tight connection to the label. Randall’s “right-hand,” Zoë Wendel, runs Zozo’s General, a ceramic candlestick brand appearing in the store, on the side of her Loeffler Randall position. Randall’s first boss in fashion, Margaret Ahearn, designs the M+A tablewares available. After a team member discovered designer Katharine Watson, Randall tapped Watson to design custom wrapping paper included in every order.

Those selections reflect design choices Randall makes at home: “I love having things in my house that are made by people that I really care about. I think it feels more special.”

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Randall wants future home drops to have the same kind of intention. They’ll stay small and highly personal. “I could see lots of different things: making printed fabric, or wallpaper, or rugs,” she says. “But [designing for home] is more something we do for fun and to stay inspired.”

Dipping a toe into interiors now may not result in a full furniture line. But it will influence the shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear in future Loeffler Randall collections.

“When we can play in these different areas, that informs the design of other categories. So it all works together to create a stronger collection,” Randall says. “I’ve had the same job for seventeen years and I’m more excited to design than ever before.”

Loeffler Randall’s home decor items and ‘Craft Fair’ edit are available at its New York City store and

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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