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First favorite movie: Robin Hood: Men In Tights. I’ve watched it probably a thousand times and was probably way too young for it at age five. It’s actually kind of racy!

Favorite Instagram: @NASA

Screen habits: I don’t watch much TV, but if I do, it’s still reruns of Friends. That’s my biggest obsession.

Wanderlusting for: I planned a trip to India and Sri Lanka but got called back to do a reshoot for WTF—that didn’t even make it into the movie! Those are high up on my very long list, along with Japan. I recently went to Cuba, which felt like a time warp (and was unexpectedly expensive).

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Today ⚓️

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Snap happy @scrap_doyle

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On my playlist: “The Rubber Band Man,” by The Spinners. I played it 10 times this morning.

Makes me laugh: Kate McKinnon.

Won’t leave the house without: Lip balm.

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