What does it take to play a Bond Girl? It’s an emblematic role that takes good looks, strengthand wit to immortalize. Throughout cinematic history, iconic women like Jane Seymour and Halle Berry have taken on the title, starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Roger Moore and Daniel Craig—often engaging in dangerous activities or seducing Bond by way of wearing little else except a tiny bikini. In the upcoming Bond film, Spectre, the L.A.-based, Mexican-born Stephanie Sigman will play the role of Estrella opposite of two other beautiful Bond Girls—Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. On the eve of her campaign premiere with Belvedere Vodka, held sky-high at the Observatory at One World Trade Center, we sat down with the up-and-coming actress to talk cocktails, style and getting into character.

Harper’s BAZAAR: How would you describe your personal style?

Stephanie Sigman: It’s a mess! It’s quite bipolar. It depends on the mood and the day, but it also depends on the characters I’m playing because that affects my personal style as well, even if I’m not really conscious about it. The thing with fashion is that when I see something that I like, I just go with it. I don’t really go towards one designer or the other. It’s just what I like. It could be expensive, it could be cheap. If it fits me and it’s my style, I’ll wear it. The one thing is, my closet is full of colors. I wear tennis shoes over and over again, and my black jacket. I always try to be comfortable. It’s very important to me to wear comfortable shoes, which are hard to find—beautiful and comfortable at the same time. But I really work hard on finding those. I think if you feel good, you look good.

What’s your favorite outfit from the film?

SS: I love my outfit when we’re celebrating the Day of the Dead. I have masks and it’s very colorful. It’s also a very important tradition for us Mexicans, so I love it.

What was the process of getting the Bond Girl role like?

SS: I auditioned and I couldn’t go into the room, because I was sick! I did it at my place with a camera and a friend. I sent it, and they called me in. I met with Sam Mendes and we had a conversation. He told me, ‘See you in London!’ I was like, ‘What!? What does that mean? This is it? I got the job?’ But I couldn’t say all those things because I was super shy. I was like, ‘Yeah, see you in London.’

How did you get into character?

SS: It was a lot of talking to Sam about the character and what he wanted and what’s ‘sexy.’ We had a conversation and he was like, ‘There, you have to be sexy.’ And I was like ‘Wait, wait, wait. What is sexy for you?’ It could be pretty subjective. It was actually a pretty funny conversation. But it was actually very easy to work with Daniel and Sam and the team. They’re artists.

So, what is sexy in your personal opinion?

SS: I don’t know, what I think is sexy is probably not very sexy for other people. You know who I think is very sexy? Nora Jones.

What was your favourite part of filming Spectre?

SS: I liked the whole process of creating on set. It’s almost like creating magic. The work that the camera guys are doing at the same time, the lighting… all of the people working in their departments to make one thing. If they do the right thing, they make it easy for you as an actress, and that’s pretty fascinating to see. When I studied acting, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be an actress, but when I was on set for the first time, I knew it was what I want to do. I fell in love with films and acting itself—the whole concept of the process itself.

In addition to being the new Bond Girl, you’re also the new campaign star for Belvedere. Tell us a bit about that partnership.

SS: It’s basically celebrating Spectre and the iconic martini in James Bond. It’s just so iconic, to be a part of the James Bond martini.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

SS: We’re trying this new martini tonight. It’s a Belvedere Spectre 007 with a Sicilian olive in brine. I’m really looking forward to trying that one, but besides that, I would say a Martini shaken, straight-up and with a twist.

As an actress, what’s your dream role?

SS: I love playing strong women. It’s not a role, but working with directors that I really admire. I think a character finds you, as an artist, when you are reading the script, you have to feel a real connection. I always listen to my instinct in terms of if I’m not connected in a way to the script, I don’t want to do it. I want to feel really passionate about what I’m going to do for the next month or two.

What’s your favorite Bond girl moment throughout history?

SS: Halle Berry. That image of her coming out from the water has just stayed in my mind forever. It’s a very iconic and sexy moment. I think she’s amazing and so pretty.

From: HarpersBazaar.com