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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly been telling their friends the sex of their baby, even though they haven’t confirmed it publicly.

Royal fans openly speculated the baby would be a girl.

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IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT. After much speculation and internet sleuthing, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly been telling their friends the sex of the their baby…and apparently…

It’s a boy! A source told Us Weekly that while Meghan was at her baby shower in New York City earlier this month, she spilled the beans to her friends.

Speculation about whether the baby would be a boy or a girl started literally the day Meghan and Harry announced the pregnancy, but because of a comment Harry made back in October while he and Meghan were on their royal tour, people thought it was going to be a girl.

At a different event on that same royal tour, Harry said he *hoped* it would be a girl, which felt like a confirmation to some royal fans.

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But then, at Meghan’s baby shower last week, her friend Abigail Spencer walked in with two separate gifts wrapped in blue. You can see the tippy top of one of them in this picture.

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So based on this internet sleuthing, some of us to speculated it was a boy, and now a source says it is! How it feels to be right about this.

Congrats Harry and Meg!

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