miranda kerr
Photo: Getty

As you were likely getting ready for bed yesterday, Miranda Kerr (discreetly?) updated her Instagram with a post announcing her partnership with The Royal Hospital for Women in Australia, asking her followers to join her in saving the lives of at-risk newborns. A worthy cause, indeed! But the Australian supermodel seems to have caused a stir for slightly less charitable reasons.

Fans of the young, fresh-faced model had to do a double take on the campaign image, questioning if it was Jackie Onassis (or a Stepford Wife) staring back at them.

“They photoshopped you too much! The real you is prettier,” wrote one Instagram commenter.

“You look like Barbie doll,” wrote another. “Doesn’t look like her, she looks like Jackie O,” quipped a third.

Kerr, 33, has not mentioned her barely recognizable face in the campaign. However, as other commenters noted, “At least it’s for a good cause.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US