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A trip to the African wilderness should be on everyone’s bucket list. Just like what you’ve seen endlessly in National Geographic documentaries, the African expanse is beautiful, pristine and breath-taking, with the chance of getting up close and personal with safari animals.

And staying in the right property can truly be life changing. Fancy breakfast with elephants and being lulled to sleep by grunting hippos, all in the luxury of your own private lodge? You can experience all that and the comforts of the classic, romanticised safari experience in a luxury safari lodge.

Scroll ahead for a roundup for some of the most luxurious safari lodges that offer unrivalled luxury in some of the best game-viewing areas on Earth.

1. Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge, Botswana

Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge
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The Belmond Savute luxury elephant lodge in Botswana recently underwent a multimillion-dollar rebuild, bringing with it new touches of glamour and sustainable design. The tented oasis, consisting of 12-tented rooms and designed by international designer Inge Moore, operates entirely off solar power, with the design a fusion of local culture and detail. Expect wood carvings by San bushmen and Tuareg people, mixed with vibrant hues for touches of modernity. The most thrilling space, however, is the camp’s viewing hide: spend an afternoon observing elephants, cheetahs, lions, giraffes – just a few of the regulars in this remarkable corner at Chobe national park.

From $1,276.90 per night. For more information, visit their website.

2. Omaanda, Namibia

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Omaanda lodge was borne out of the Belgian Zannier Hotel family, known for its celebrity connections. The lodge’s prime location, situated right beside the Van Vuuren sanctuary in the vast expanse of Namibia, was thanks to the advice of Angelina Jolie. This gives you unprecedented access to important conservation projects, including rhino, elephant and cheetah, views which you can take in straight from the comfort of your bathtub. The luxury lodge consists of 10 traditional Owambo inspired huts in warm earth tones, decorated with African antiques, equipped with an indoor fireplace, modern amenities, and a top-notch spa. It is conveniently close to Namibia’s international airport, making this the perfect place to start or end your visit to Namibia.

 From $1,307 per night. For more information, visit their website.

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3. Ulusaba Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve, South Africa

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Fancy waking up to elephant’s drinking water by your plunge pool? This is a common occurrence in Ulusaba Safari lodge, which is nestled amongst a canopy of trees on a dry riverbank in Sabi Sand reserve. The lodge is part of billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin empire, so you can expect unprecedented luxury including a world-class spa and private walled gardens and plunge pools, with designs in rustic African charm by South African designer Franci du Toit. What’s more, its entirely family friendly, with an immersive programme of child friendly safari walks, babysitting, and even junior spa treatments.

From $2,024 per night. For more information, visit their website.

4. Segera Retreat, Laikipia, Kenya, East Africa

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Fancy sleeping under the stars with a 360-degree view of the wildlife-rich region of Laikipia, with luxurious warm bedding, lanterns, and hot water bottles to boot? Such experiences are just one of the highlights you can expect at Segera, an exclusive, award winning private 50,000 acre wildlife sanctuary and eco-safari retreat. The modern-day camp is filled with lush landscape grounds, eclectic furnishing, and a remarkable selection of contemporary artworks from co-owner, Jochen Zeitz’s collection himself, who is also behind the new Zeitz Museum Contemporary Art Africa. 

From $1835.60 per night. For more information, visit their website.

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5. Jabali Ridge, Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania 

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Jabali Ridge sits atop a ridge, offering tremendous panoramic views over Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania. This luxurious hideout contains eight standalone bungalows behind granite boulders and giant baobab trees, with interiors in sun-bleached colours, hand-dyed linens and recycled timber inspired by designer Caline Williams-Wynn. You can choose to have the shutter walls open up completely from your own private room for a panoramic view of the landscape. What’s more, each suite comes with a stunning infinity pool and optional private chef, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the remote scenery. But, the best part may just be the feeling of having the whole place to yourself.

From $1,477.90 per night. For more information, please visit their website.

6. Rubondo Island Camp, Robondo Island

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For a lush, unspoilt ecosystem, Robodo Island Camp gives you a unique island wilderness experience unlike any other. It is the only lodging in this subtropical rainforest island at Lake Victoria, which has been protected as a national park since 1977. Since then, the ecosystem has thrived with elephants, crocodiles, and chimpanzees, and provides the perfect base for bird watching or fishing. But you can simply choose to relax in the pool or in one of its eight cottages, which were hand built using only natural ingredients. Situated alongside the vast Lake Victoria, you’re met with views of the lake in front, and the forest extending in the back.

From $921.80 per night. For more information, visit their website.

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