Janet Jackson Bday
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Before there was Beyonce, there was Janet Jackson. Sister to King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson, Janet was a force to be reckoned with. Her sleek dance moves, cheeky lyrics, and smooth as chocolate voice not only got everyone in the mood to shake it out, the Jackson sister also dominated the music charts. The icon just turned 51, so we’d love to celebrate the wonder Janet Jackson is with 7 of our favourite videos from her!

1) Rhythm Nation – 1989

Why we love it: On top of the catchy beats and amazing dance moves, Jackson’s ensemble, which her dancers all wore as well in the video, was a vision of strength with its strong silhouette that was accentuated with shoulder pads and a cinched waist.

2) That’s The Way Love Goes – 1993


Why we love it: The lead single has got us grooving to the tunes where Jackson croons about love in her signature mesmerizing voice. We particularly love the part of the video where she flaunted her toned abs in the mirror dressed in a sexy cropped vest.

3) Scream – 1995

Why we love it: What’s not to love when King of Pop, Michael Jackson is performing with Janet, who we all know is his little sister and birthday girl? The video too was ahead of its time, featuring the duo putting up a dynamic performance in a spaceship with super modern visuals.

4) All For You – 2001


Why we love it: Sexy, cheeky, and flirty, the song hit all the right buttons for a fun girl’s night out. The video was also colourful and fun with the merging of animation and fantastic dance moves. Couldn’t have expected more from Janet!

5) Son of A Gun – 2001

Why we love it: Only Janet can make an empowering breakup song really sexy. Clad in a cropped denim top with a leather hat, Jackson sought revenge with buddy Missy Elliott and a bunch of unknown creepy creatures on her cheating lover. Guess the message is pretty clear: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

6)  Feedback – 2007

Why we love it: If the point of the video was to make Janet look like an incredibly sexy extra-terrestrial, it sure nailed it. The beat to the song is sick, and we love how she hopped from planet to planet in a figure-hugging space suit that flaunted her tight, toned limbs which was fantastic given how she was 41-years-old at the time.

7) Dammn Baby – 2015

Why we love it: Besides the awesome tune, it was no frills here – just Janet, her backup dancers, and her grooves.

By Syed Zulfadhli

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