Mention Nathan Hartono to anyone in Singapore right now and you’ll find that most people will recognise him by his soulful renditions of popular hits, if not by name and face. The 24-year-old singer has been covering current songs on the airwaves on Facebook and Instagram to the delight of his 23.9k followers—a quick search via his dedicated hashtag #clickhereformore15secondcoverthings reveals over 30 such posts, each one sung and harmonised to pitch perfection by the man himself. Over here at BAZAAR, we’ve all been fans for a while now, so when our Music Issue came about, the first we thing we thought was to get him to do an exclusive cover for us (which he did in one day, by the way). Watch the video above to hear his take on one of the hits of the moment—Charlie Puth’s hit single, One Call Away.

karen elson march 2016

Shot on iPhone 6S Plus

By Pakkee

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