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The 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone is fast approaching, and it seems more than likely that on that day — 29 June — everyone will find out what’s coming next from Apple.

Rumours have been building for months, but a new report from Bloomberg cements the theories into an easily digestible prediction: there will be three iPhones, two of them relatively standard, one of them new and special. (You may have to wait to get your hands on that special one though.)

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apple iphone

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The report indicates that the that two relatively normal successors to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will be announced, and that these will serve, roughly, as the 7S and 7S Plus we would ordinarily get during an off-year in the iPhone cycle. But they’ll also be accompanied by the long-rumoured anniversary iPhone, which will sport a new look and potentially much higher price.

According to Bloomberg, which is in large part a reiteration and semi-confirmation of rumours that have already been out there for a while, the premium model will have a curved glass service and tiny bezels, which will allow it to have a crisp OLED display that is about the size of the display on an iPhone 7 Plus, but in a body that is closer to the size of an iPhone 7.

If you need help imagining what that might look like, take a peek at the new, beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8.

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apple iphone
The iPhone 7

Rumours have already suggested this phone will not come cheap (with a price tag potentially as much as USD1,000) but Bloomberg says it may not come quickly either. Though Apple may announce all three phones on the same day, manufacturing challenges may delay the shipping date of the revamped phone by several months.

Roll on 29 June.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK