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Picture it: it was the summer of 2006 and we were all frolicking in our pink velour Juicy Couture sweatsuits while T-9 texting on our bedazzled Razr cell-phones. In the background, Paris Hilton‘s debut single “Stars Are Blind” played on repeat and maybe, just maybe, if you were lucky enough, you even caught a glimpse of the iconic video on MTV TRL that day.

Simpler times.

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If you, like me, have been listening to “Stars Are Blind” along with the entire Paris album (“Nothing In This World” and “Screwed” are also classic bops, don’t @ me) since its 2006 release, good news: Hilton is finally dropping new music.

With the launch of her 23rd fragrance (a lot of people want to smell like Paris, obviously), Hilton released a new single,”Summer Reign,” featured in the fragrance’s campaign. In the video teaser, the heiress-turned-mogul is wearing a pale pink gown and diamonds, naturally.

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On the track, Hilton breathily sings some deep lyrics including, “When it feels this good I come alive/when it feels this good I get so wild/When it feels this good/welcome to my summer reign.”

Though it would be impossible for any song to top the iconic “Stars Are Blind,” this new track is the summer anthem we all need in 2017.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR US