Positive IG accounts to follow
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Though some may say that social media may be bad for our wellbeing, there are elements that we can control to make it a more positive experience.

For instance, instagram can become a source of inspiration if you use it intentionally by following more and more people that inspire and motivate you, making for less mindless scrolling, and more engaging with positivity. 

With the rise in the discussion of self care, there are a plethora of positive, feel good instagram accounts to add a touch of wholesomeness to your feed, whether it be fun illustrations, discussions on mental health, and more. 

Here, a round up on some of the 9 best feel good Instagrams to follow that will help you boost your mental health.

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1)  @Sighswoon

      1. Gabi Abrão is the owner of @sighswoon, a personal account full of positive, funny and relatable wellness memes for all. Born and raised in West Los Angeles, the Brazilian 20-something year old is also  open about her struggles, realisations and experiences, encouraging self awareness and accountability for continual growth in life

2.  @The.holistic.psychologist

      1. Dr Nicole LePera is the person behind @The.holistic.psychologist, where the psychotherapist shares content related to boundaries in relationships, processing emotion and healing, and simple tools to promoting soothing, wellbeing and a deeper understanding of yourself. She calls her followers #selfhealers, helping people to heal with their own personal capacity to enact change.

3.  @constantbageltherapy

      1. Created by an illustrator based in Leicester, UK, @constantbageltherapy consists of fun, relatable doodles depicting the struggles and joys of life that will have you feeling less alone.

 4.  @werenotreallystrangers

      1.  @wearenotreallystrangers is a visual project by LA-based model and artist Koreen, which serves as a reminder to love yourself and each other a lot more. The instagram page also comes with a card game, created with the intention of empowering meaningful connections with others.
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5.  @sadgirlsclub

    1.  @sadgirlsclub is an online group for young women dealing with mental-health issues, with a feed consisting of illustrations full of positive mantras and explanations of mental health issues. It started after founder, Elyse Fox, a filmmaker and media assistant at the Wing, released the trailer for her personal documentary, Conversations With Friends, which dealt with the worst year of her depression, encouraging her to open up honest, vulnerable conversations about mental illness around the world.

6.  @Soolooka 

      1. @Soolooka consists positive mantras that come in easily digestible information through visually appealing illustrations that will have you take solace in whatever life throws at you, and inspire you to make self care and self love a habit. 

7.  @yung_pueblo

      1. @yung_pueblo is created by Diego Perez, a young writer and activist based in NYC who produces daily short messages to inspire self healing and build inner peace. The name Yung Pueblo, literally translated as “young people” serves to remind him of his Ecuadorian roots, and that the collective of humanity is still  in the midst of important growth.

8.  @makedaisychains

9.  @theofficialsadghostclub

  • If you have ever felt sad, lost, or lonely, or like you don’t fit in, you’re not alone. The sad ghost club is a creative project consisting of comics that aim to spread positive awareness on mental health. By starting conversations and sharing different stories related to mental health, you’ll feel less alone and validated when experiencing a low. 
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