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It’s that time of year again, as Apple put on an event full of announcements designed to drive their legions of fans crazy.

Following a Mission: Impossiblethemed intro, CEO Tim Cook took to the stage and talked about how well the company is doing (unsurprisingly, really well), before introducing COO Jeff Williams.

The first reveal is the Apple Watch Series 4, with a 30% larger screen that allows you to personalise it in new ways, such as with the faces of your friends and family.

New features include keeping track of your nutritional intake, your heart rhythm, electrocardiograms and can even call emergency services and send people your location when you fall over. They’re describing it as “an intelligent guardian for your health”.

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The Apple Watch Series 4. Photo: Apple

Hardware has been improved with better speakers, a new location for the microphone to reduce echo, and a new digital crown for better scrolling.

Most importantly, the battery will still last as long as it currently does AND you can use your old bands, too.

Apple Watch Series 4 is out on 21 September, while watchOS 5 is out 17 September.

A very excitable Tim Cook returned to the stage to unveil the iPhone XS.

It’s got a 5.8 inch OLED screen, called the ‘Super Retina’ display, and the screen now goes up to the edges of the device. There’s also a 6.5 inch version called iPhone XS Max.

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Photo: Apple

They’ve also improved the speakers, with it outputting a wider stereo sound compared to what’s come before. In short, music won’t sound as rubbish coming out the speakers.

There was a lot of tech talk about how many calculations the new chip can do, but in short, apps should open up a lot faster.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard came on stage to introduce gameplay for The Elder Scrolls: Blade, which showed off lighting effects similar to what you’d get on a games console.

We also saw an app that tracks how good you are at basketball, and a VR game that had players standing in a circle and shooting aliens to compete for points.

In terms of photography, you can now adjust the depth of field in a picture… after you’ve taken it!

Despite all the upgrades, Apple are saying you can get an hour and a half extra out of the battery, which… we’ll see.

Apple’s eSIM technology is coming to iPhone too, meaning you get to have two phone numbers on one device.

As always, there will be multiple versions for you to buy, going up to a whopping 512GB on onboard storage. And you thought the leap from 16 to 32GB was huge.

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A really smiley lady the came on stage to talk about how the company uses 100% renewable energy, and the XS has a lot more recycled parts. Beyond that, a new scheme called Apple Giveback means you can trade in your old phones to Apple and they’ll pay you. Sweet!

Apple then announced a third model, called the iPhone XR. This one comes in multiple colours and replaced 3D Touch for Haptic Touch, and has a 6.1 inch ‘Liquid Retina’ LCD screen.

Photo: Apple

The XR goes up to 256GB and is available for pre-order on 14 September at a price point cheaper than an iPhone 8 Plus, starting at $1,229.

The XS starts at $1,649, with the XS Max starts at $1,799. They will be available for pre-order on 14 September.

Meanwhile, iOS 12 comes out on 17 September.

And finally, Apple’s HomePod and Mac ranges got a small couple of updates too, which is nice, isn’t it?

This article originally appeared on Digital Spy.