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Like many royal brides before her, Princess Eugenie is expected to wear a tiara when she ties the knot to Jack Brooksbank on 12 October. It will be the first time Eugenie has been pictured in the regal headgear, in keeping with etiquette that suggests tiaras should be reserved for married women. When it comes to the design, the York tiara is a strong contender.

The family heirloom was first worn by Eugenie’s mother, Sarah, the Duchess of York, on her wedding day in 1986. The piece, featuring an intricate scrollwork style, was custom-made by Mayfair-based jeweller Garrard and was reportedly a gift from the Queen and Prince Philip.

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The duchess was pictured wearing the intricate diamond band on several occasions throughout her marriage to Prince Andrew, including for banquets and royal visits abroad. It was last seen at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball in July 2001, which took place five years after the royal couple’s divorce. As it was part of her private jewellery collection, it’s thought that Ferguson still owns the piece.

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The Duchess of York in 1987
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However, as Princess Eugenie’s pink sapphire engagement ring bears a striking resemblance to the engagement ring given to her mother, the bride might also be inspired to do things a little differently on her big day.

Unusually, the York tiara wasn’t seen until the duchess signed the wedding register inside Westminster Abbey. When the bride walked down the aisle, the diamond headpiece was buried under a crown of white flowers, including gardenias, which she was said to have picked because they were Prince Andrew‘s favourite.

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Sarah Ferguson with her father, Major Ronald Ferguson
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Princess Eugenie, who is currently ninth in line to the throne, will likely have a much more relaxed set of rules to stick to than her mother and father when it comes to her wedding day. And we may see that play out in what she chooses to wear.

Recent royal brides have stuck to the tradition of wearing tiaras with a family connection, from Zara Tindall – who wore a diamond tiara originally belonging to Prince Philip’s mother – to Autumn Phillips, who was loaned the Festoon Tiara from her mother-in-law, Princess Anne, when she married the Queen’s grandson, Peter. But Eugenie could decide to wear something completely new, or perhaps she’ll pick one of the striking pieces from the royal collection. The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, which Queen Mary gave it to the Queen Elizabeth as a wedding present in 1947, is just one of many jewels owned by the royal family.

While details of the bride’s outfit are unlikely to be announced until the moment she steps out of the car on her wedding day, we’ll have to wait until 12 October before we find out.

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