When the Jonas Sisters are all together, they always have a good time.

In her new cover story for Marie Claire, actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas revealed that even though she and her husband, Nick Jonas, live only three miles away from fellow star couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, they don’t get to hang out with the pair all that often. When they do get together, however, Chopra said that they definitely make up for lost time.

“We never get to meet [Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and family] as often as the world thinks we do, but whenever we end up together, it’s a huge-ass party,” said Chopra Jonas in the interview. “It’s all our parents, the girls and the boys.”

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Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra
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The actress added that even though the pandemic has made seeing family more difficult, she’s grateful for the surplus of quality time she’s been able to have with her husband.

“Both of our schedules are so crazy individually that there was no world in which we would have ever had six months together,” said the actress. “It only took a global pandemic for that to happen.”

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Nick Jonas also chimed in for the interview, echoing his wife’s statement that he’s been relishing their time together as a couple.

“We’re both aware that [last year] was really challenging [with COVID-19], but we were able to be together,” he said. “It was a blessing, and it created a good foundation for us.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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