Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is getting candid about the early days of her relationship with husband Nick Jonas.

During a guest appearance on podcast Call Her Daddy, the actor opened up about the reason she was initially so attracted to Jonas.

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She described his opening line, which he sent via Instagram DM. “The fact that he had the confidence to slide into my DMs and asked me out,” she said. “Literally, like his message was ‘I’ve been told we should meet.’ How cocky! So sexy.”

Though Chopra knew of the Jonas Brothers, she didn’t know too much about her future husband at the time. So she did some internet sleuthing. 

“Like any self-respecting girl, I Googled him. I was like, ‘Let’s find out.’ One night, room service, me, and Google,” she said. As a result, she landed upon the music video for Jonas’s 2016 hit single “Close.”

“This video for ‘Close’ comes up and I immediately send him my number,” she recalled. “At least a date. That body deserves at least a date.”

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The song still has the same effect on her to this day. “Every time he sings that song onstage for me, I get weak in the knees,” she said.

Priyanka Chopra &  Nick Jonas
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When it comes to potentially finding Google results about Jonas’s dating history, Chopra said, “I didn’t even mean to look at any other shit. I don’t give a fuck who he dated. We’re talking about the future. I always say this: I don’t read my book backwards. I believe you go forward.”

Chopra and Jonas married in a blowout wedding in 2018. They welcomed their first child, a girl they named Malti Marie, in January 2022.

During the podcast chat, Chopra revealed how her relationship with Jonas starkly contrasts with her previous relationships.

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“I needed to know why I kept repeating my mistakes and the repeating of the mistake was always feeling like ‘I need to be the caretaker.’ Always feeling like it’s okay to cancel my job or my work or my meeting or my priority to make sure that he’s propped up. It was so normalized in my brain for so long that I ended up giving the power in such a skewed way that I never stood up for myself. I literally would become like a doormat and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s fine,’” she said. “I just started feeling invisible in my relationships, and my husband makes me feel so seen and so heard.”

She continued, “In fact, I think he thrives on seeing me shine. He’s the most excited about the show that I’m doing. He’s most excited when I’m on a carpet. You know, he’ll step aside and he’ll take pictures of me. … You want your man to be your champion.”

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.