6 tips for the perfect proposal
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Molly Guy, creative director of Stone Fox Bride, has heard it all when it comes to proposal stories – just look at her Instagram feed jam-packed with #stonefoxrings and the sweet stories behind them. We spoke to the guru of down-to-Earth, boho bridal about her tips to popping the question, savoring the moment and what she really thinks of the Jumbotron proposal.

Pick the Right Place.

“Choose a place that’s special to the two of you – somewhere where you can digest how special and perfect the moment is afterward and where you’re not easily distracted.”

Don’t Plan a Big Party.

“Keep it small and private, and try not to tell everyone right away – it’s overwhelming and ruins the moment when all of a sudden your parents, friends, cousins, college roommates and future in-laws are all running up to you to ask how it all went down.”

Keep It Simple.

“Try and keep your proposal really subdued. Whether it be at your favorite restaurant, on a trip, walking through the park or at home, go for a place that feels like it’s meant just for the two of you. It’s sort of like when you first find out that you’re pregnant—one of the things that makes it so surreal is this secret you’re keeping from the world together. Why can’t your engagement be the same? Having something that just belongs to you both makes it so much more special and sexy.”

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Don’t Overshare.

“We live in a world where everything quickly becomes so public. I don’t see much of a difference between a getting engaged in a stadium on a Jumbotron and immediately posting the ring photo on Facebook with a #HeDidGood or an #ISaidYES caption. But, if you’re about telling everyone right away – something that public is just so over-the-top and kitschy… you might as well go for it!”

Be Sentimental.

“The more authentic and sincere the ask is, the better. There’s no need for cupcakes, champagne or hot air ballooning. If there is real love there and the question of spending your life with that other person is sincere, that’s as special as it gets.”

Don’t Come Empty-Handed.

“You can absolutely propose without a ring…but it’s good to have something. Whether it be a stand-in ring, a necklace or some other trinket. I know there’s all this pressure for guys to do a ton of research beforehand and ask all your friends what you’ll love, but I am a big fan of designing the ring together.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US