queen elizabeth II
Photo: David Bailey

In an excerpt from her essay in the June/July 2014 Issue, Weldon writes:

“Bailey’s new portraits of Queen Elizabeth II show the candor, wisdom, benevolence, and strength of will of the constitu­tional monarch of Great Britain these past 62 years.”

“In Her Majesty’s face we see a life of resolution, integrity, forbearance; a dignity free of pomp and circumstance; and the inner beauty we have left if we’ve earned it, once the superficial gloss of youth has passed. Bailey shows us not an icon but someone familiar, friendly, engaging, and frank, with her strength in its own understatement—so British a quality.”

“When we look at these truly great portraits—at this col­laboration by two Londoners, one a boy from the backstreets and an artist, the other a queen—we see, in an instant, the new spirit of a Great Britain that welcomes the future.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US