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Chrissy Teigen has proven time and again that she knows how to dress herself—vagina-flashing red carpet dresses included—and little Luna.

But have you ever stopped to wonder: how does Chrissy only ever wear super high heels? Sky-high, ball-aching, toe-crunching heels?

In a recent interview, Chrissy even confirmed, “I only wear heels.” But the reason Chrissy snubs flats isn’t because of how heels look. In fact, she actually claims that heels are actually more comfortable for her feet than flat shoes because of the shape of her feet.

“I’m very uncomfortable in flats,” she explains. “My calves are actually abnormally tight, [and I’m] flat footed and very relaxed in a 6-inch heel. It’s very bad for your lower back, and I have to see a chiropractor twice a week because of it, but, yeah. I can’t even wear Havaianas flip-flops because I don’t like things in between my toes. Ballet flats look goofy on me because you can see the shape of my foot through them.”

And when it comes to sneakers, Chrissy would only make an exception if they’re designed by Kanye West. “I’d say unless it’s a Yeezy or something that just makes me feel cool, that’s pretty much the only thing that’s going to happen,” she said.

According to some experts, there is such a thing as an optimum heel height depending on the arch of your foot, so Chrissy is probably not the only person who finds a higher heel more comfortable. Go figure.

From: Marie Claire US 

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