Rihanna and Taylor Swift
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It’s a well known fact that, at any given moment, Taylor Swift is recruiting at least another 68.3 famous people to her never-ending squad. She proved that she’s pals with everyone when she arrived at the MTV VMAs with half of Hollywood, but one person that hasn’t been recruited quite yet is Rihanna.

Don’t expect to see RiRi making a surprise appearance in Swifty’s circle any time soon either, as she’s confirmed to NME magazine that her squad membership is definitely not on the cards.

Rihanna and Taylor Swift

While huge names like Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Lisa Kudrow and even Avril Lavigne all wearing their squad badges proudly these days, Rihanna has insisted that she doesn’t think it’d work between her and Taylor.

“I don’t think I would [join Taylor on stage],” RiRi told NME magazine. “I just don’t think it makes sense.”

“I don’t think our brands are the same: I don’t think they match, I don’t think our audiences are the same. In my mind, she’s a role model; I’m not.”

Of course, this is all just to do with the fact they have different musical images and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Rihanna is best pals with Taylor’s arch nemesis, Katy Perry. Nothing at all.

Either way, we give it probably four days before she’s welcomed to the 1989 tour stage. But only after completing the squad initiation ceremony, which we heard involves some naked rain dancing and the sacrifice of a small newborn creature.


We’re guessing that’s the t-shirt she was wearing when she told Taylor that she didn’t want to be part of her circle. Swifty doesn’t take these things well.

From: HarpersBazaar.com